Air Conditioner Tune-Up!

The hottest part of the summer is almost upon us, and don’t we all hope our air conditioners are in tip top shape?  I imagine that if you are reading this blog instead of frantically calling Harbin for a service visit, your personal comfort level is just fine at the moment.  You, obviously do not need to worry.  You have confidence that your system is running perfectly and will continue to do so as long as it is required.  Or is it?

Did you have your annual system tune-up yet this year?  A regularly scheduled maintenance tune up can be a massive boon to your pocketbook and comfort zone.  A check in from our excellent staff can help improve the lifespan of your a/c unit and prepare to confront any issues that may be coming down the line.  Here are four reasons why having your air conditioning system tuned up is important.

1.     It can save you money!

Here’s the big one, right?  We all want to be able to save a little cha-ching in our pockets. Regular maintenance is almost always cheaper long term.  Having an inspection and cleaning could discover any issues that are impeding your system’s efficiency as well as improve its performance.  Even minor issues can have some effect on your utility bill!  It is also worth noting that regular tune-ups may be required by a factory warranty, so having your inspection can really help out if a problem arises down the line.  

2.  Your equipment will last longer!

This is sort of connected to the first, but it is important enough to deserve its own entry, I feel.  Why wait until your system stops working entirely to have it checked out?  A well maintained, regularly cleaned machine runs better than one that is left to its own devices until it completely breaks down.  A loud, terrifying clunking noise coming from your unit to signify that something has broken inside it likely started as a minor problem that could have been addressed easily.  Such problems grow bigger and bigger out of sight, hidden in the belly of one of our most useful modern amenities--and a lot of them can destroy what was a perfectly good a/c system. 

3.  It is better for the environment!

Having your system cleaned and maintained means better energy efficiency, which is not only good for your wallet--it’s good for the planet.  Less resources being required to heat your home is a small contribution to the cause of protecting the environment, but it is the collective total of such small contributions that leads us towards progress.  Small steps in lessening our carbon footprints add up over the course of our lifetime.  Maintaining energy efficiency is just one way of helping!

4.  Your peace of mind is worth it!

With a basic maintenance check, you can go through the dog days of summer and the icy heart of winter both with confidence that you and your family will be comfortable.  Don’t sit and worry all day and night about whether the hum from your unit is sounding exactly right.  Don’t question whether your home is cooling properly in the middle of August.   Know your system, and give it the TLC it needs.

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