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The word “Geo” is Greek and means “Earth.” The word “Thermal” is Greek and means “heat.” Geothermal energy helps to reduce emissions that cause harmful climate changes. Emissions endanger children and pose a health risk to everyone. The Earth is packed full of energy that can be harvested quite easily.

Geothermal energy has been in the Earth since the beginning in many forms including decaying minerals and more. Back in the ancient Roman times, people used geothermal energy to heat homes and baths.

Geothermal heating doesn't need to be complicated

Customers who choose to use geothermal power can save a lot of money on their energy bill. Geothermal power is not only affordable; it is reliable and environmentally friendly. Emissions produced from geothermal systems are much lower than other products.

Geothermal systems can greatly reduce global warming throughout the community and world if it was used over fossil fuels. The first geothermal generator was running in Italy in 1904. The largest geothermal power plant is located at The Geysers in California.

Geothermal systems are environmentally friendly

Several countries throughout the world including El Salvador, Kenya, and Iceland use geothermal power for over 15% of their electricity. Because we get the warmth of the sun for free, the use of geothermal power sources is efficient and saves you money. This environmentally friendly source of power helps improve heating in your home, and even a few degrees makes a huge difference.

Sources are waste heat supplied by co-generation from a geothermal electrical plant or from smaller wells or exchangers.

Consider the benefits of installing a geothermal system

Water produced in hot springs is able to be piped directly into radiators. When the shallow ground is hot but dry, earth tubes can be used without the need for a heat pump. Where the shallow ground is too cold, it is still warmer than the winter air.

Seasonal variations in the ground’s temperature disappear and diminish below 10 meters of depth. The heat can then be extracted through a geothermal heat pump quickly and more efficiently than the heat a furnace creates. Geothermal pumps can be used nearly anywhere.

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