The Air Scrubber

We spend a lot of time indoors.  With the advent of the internet, especially, more and more people are spending loads of their leisure time under a roof, just hanging out.  With that being the case, it is becoming more and more valuable to consider the quality of the air floating around inside our homes. 


Luckily, the modern technological age has provided us with a beautiful gift: the air scrubber.  These are the same contraptions operated by hospitals to help purify their air.  Harbin Heating and Air Conditioning offers purchase and installation options for air scrubbers that can eliminate up to 90% of indoor air pollutants.  They can also do away with almost all of the serious pollutants found on indoor surfaces.  Things such as mold, E. coli, staph, etc. can be nearly eliminated with one of our scrubbers.  These things don’t just show up at random on your home surfaces.  They are a symptom of poor air quality. 

The phrase “poor air quality” can refer to a lot of things, from the presence of cigarette smoke and dust particles to potentially lethal levels of chemicals from home building processes--such as asbestos and lead dust from paint, or the Big Three of indoor pollution: carbon monoxide, radon, and cigarette smoke.  Just the fact of being inside the house makes the air less pure, as it is trapped.  By some accounts, interior air can typically carry around four times the pollutants as exterior air.  It becomes old, stale, and mixes more and more with any impurities that are floating around. 

These chemicals can cause a whole slew of health problems for you and your family.   Allergies can tick up significantly (and be life threatening in some cases).   Lead based paint (that becomes lead dust and flits through your home) was in common use in most homes prior to the late 1970s, and has been linked to a variety of bodily damages to the brain, central nervous system, kidneys, and more.  Common pesticides have chemicals that have been known to cause brain damage in kids.  In the case of children, lack of understanding with regards to  basic hygiene and a tendency to ignore health and safety warnings can mean these problems are even worse for them.  It may seem cliche, but it also a truth that a child who runs his hand over a filthy surface is more likely to shove that hand in their mouth without a proper washing than a typical adult. 

Unpleasant humidity levels can also be a factor in your health.  Dust mites and mold thrive in high moisture situations.  A dehumidifying air conditioner and an air scrubber operating in tandem can work wonders, and help keep allergens at bay, virtually eliminating mold, pollen, and dust from your air supply--meaning you and your family can quite literally sleep and breathe easier knowing that your are sucking in the purest air possible.  

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