Talking ‘Bout My (Backup) Generator

When I was a young child, I can remember holding up in my grandparent’s home for over a week one time.  A harsh winter ice storm had swept through our county, shutting down schools, offices, and stores for miles.  The power was down everywhere, and Grandma and Grandpa had the fireplace--our only option for heat during those chilly, icy days. 


One of my most distinctive memories of that time is my granddad lamenting that he had never invested in a generator.  It had never seemed like a true necessity.  The power never went down for more than a couple of hours at maximum--until the day it went down for a week. 

Are you prepared for a power outage emergency?  Most refrigerators are not equipped to keep food cold for longer than a few hours if the power goes out.  A deep freeze has a better lifespan without electricity, but only up to a couple of days maximum if it isn’t being opened.  That’s not a lot of time to salvage your goods, and emergency situations like this seemingly come out of nowhere.   Luckily for you, Harbin Heating & Air Conditioning is a proud purveyor of Generac backup generators.

Generac is the number one manufacturer of home backup generators in the nation, with nearly 60 years of excellent customer service and innovative engineering design to their credit.  They also design larger generators perfect for offices or large businesses.  Generac systems can be permanently installed on your property and run on natural gas or liquid propane. 

These generators will automatically kick on if the electrical grid stops sending power to your home, so you never have to worry about a lengthy power outage affecting your quality of life.  You do not even have to be home to stop or start it--the machine knows when the grid is back on, and will shut itself off to prevent wasting energy. 

Because Generac backup generators connect directly to a propane or gas line, you never have to worry about refueling.  You will never have to wrestle fuel cans around, or figure out how to make it to the gas station. These truly are the most hassle-free, easy-to-use generator systems on the market today!

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