Why Fall is an Important Season for HVAC

Is your current HVAC unit old or unreliable? Have you been putting off necessary repairs on your heating system? There is no better time than now to schedule a service visit with an HVAC technician from Harbin Heating and Air Conditioning. Fall is an important season for your HVAC system because your air conditioner has worked hard all summer and is about to work hard again to keep your home comfortable during the winter. To avoid any surprise breakdowns when you need your heater most, homeowners should have their HVAC unit inspected and repaired while the weather is more mild in the fall.

Choose Harbin for New Construction

When you invest in the construction of a new home, you get to customize your living space to meet your needs and preferences. While you may be excited about selecting finishes and designing a floor plan, you also need to pay attention to the installation of your new home’s major systems. Installing these systems properly is critical to the comfort and efficiency of your residence.

The Importance of Duct Work

It’s quite likely that you’ve never given any thought to the duct design in your Cherokee, Alabama home. However, if there is a problem with your duct work, you could be faced with higher utility bills, inconsistent heating and cooling throughout your home, and poor indoor air. Good duct work and proper duct design play a very important role in comfort and energy savings.

Why Your Utility Bills are High - and How to Lower Them

From simple DIYs to factors outside of your control, here’s what you need to know about fighting your rising electricity bills. If you think your electricity bills keep getting more expensive, you’re not going crazy. According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average American household uses 901 kWh a month and pays an average price of 13.12 cents per kWh. That’s a jump from last year’s nationwide average price of 12.68 cents per kWh. It also means the average American faces an electricity bill of at least $118 every month, and over $1,400 every year.