Geothermal is Comfort that Gives Back

A geothermal heat pump is the greenest, most efficient, and most cost effective heating & cooling system available. That's because it uses the free renewable solar energy stored in your backyard rather than burning fossil fuels. But what's really impressive is the level of comfort it provides. Our systems operate for longer periods at lower speeds, making the home consistently comfortable all year round. You have to experience it to believe it.

Why To Use A Dehumidifier This Summer

Feeling hot and sticky during the summer is a familiar feeling. And while you can’t change the oppressive air outdoors, it’s a different story inside your home.
Enter the dehumidifier—a home appliance that removes water vapor from the air to help you control humidity. There are some clear signs when a dehumidifier is a must: dampness on windows, mildew growth, musty odors, peeling paint. But even when humidity’s effects aren’t so obvious, this tool can be an important summertime addition to your home. Here’s why.

Some Common Summer HVAC Problems

The hotter it gets during the summer, the more calls we receive for air conditioner repair. And it’s not just because people are less likely to put off a repair when it’s 100 degrees outside. The hot, humid summer weather actually makes breakdowns more likely (which is why we encourage homeowners with older HVAC units to consider replacing them in the spring BEFORE they breakdown). Here are a few of the most common problems we see with air conditioners during the dog days of summer.

4 Types of MERV Filters

As an HVAC professional, your customers rely on you for all their heating and cooling needs. Sometimes, it is something as significant as a total HVAC system replacement. In other cases, it’s as simple as a recommendation on the right air filter. When a homeowner asks which Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) air filter is best to use, it’s important to understand the four main types so you can determine what will be best for the customer’s air quality needs and budget.