Let Us Help You with Air Quality this Spring

Indoor air quality concerns are common among homeowners, especially once spring begins. Mold spores, pet dander, smoke, dust, allergens, and other debris can easily make their way into a home’s indoor air and have negative health effects. Harbin Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc can help advise you on improving indoor air quality. Fortunately, there are several products you can recommend that address many of the most common concerns.


COR Germicidal Air Purifier: The COR Germicidal Air Purifier is Carrier-made – but can be used on ANY make and model system. This provides universal comfort, regardless of your customer’s equipment.  This purifier is designed for use in the return air duct, combining MERV15 filtration AND pathogen-killing technology.  This system requires minimal maintenance, limited to just replacement of the purification cartridge and brush cleaning of the ionization array.

The COR Germicidal Air Purifier has proven effective against 3 common pathogens – common cold, influenza, and streptococcus.  This purifier captures up to 95% of particles and kills up to 99% of germs. It’s 7.25-inch narrow cabinet design allows for flexibility and installation in tight spaces.

RFG In-Duct Air Purifier: An in-duct purifier uses hydro-peroxide plasma to remove contaminants and pollutants directly, rather than requiring the air to pass through the equipment for neutralization. This, along with the ease of installation afforded by an RGF in-duct purifier, makes it a popular option among homeowners with a traditional forced air system.

This in-duct purifier can significantly reduce the presence of airborne particles, including mold spores and pollen. It also kills up to 99% of bacteria, giving homeowners the cleaner air they desire.

Air Knight Air Purifiers: Air Knight purifiers are another great product to recommend to homeowners looking to improve their indoor air quality. These use bi-polar ionization to help air particles clump together, making them easier to remove with a regular HVAC air filter.  Homeowners will enjoy the fact that they’re maintenance free and can help remove chemical odors, mold, viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants.

Aprilaire Whole-Home Electronic Air Cleaner: Homeowners looking for the ultimate in indoor air cleaning systems will want to check out the Aprilaire Whole-Home Electronic Air Cleaner, which is consistently rated as the #1 air cleaner in the industry. This system can trap and remove 99% of airborne mold and pollen, as well as 94% of dust and 80% of tobacco smoke particles. It is also easy to maintain and only requires occasional filter replacement and cleaning of its ionizing wires.

COR Germicidal UV Lights: The COR Germicidal UV Light is Carrier-made but can be used in any system. This option is available in both single and double lights, depending on the customer’s budget. This light kills mold and bacteria that grow in the moist environment of the indoor coil to optimize system efficiency and produce clean air. Microbial build-up on the coil and drain pan is a common problem, and this light prevents these microbes from becoming airborne. These lights silently enhance air flow and help to maintain system efficiency.

These are just a few products we recommend to our customers who are looking to improve indoor air quality.