Shopping for a New Thermostat?

In the age of the smart home, wifi thermostats have made the home more efficient. You can make the most of your HVAC without wasting energy or money. During the summer months, you can set your thermostat to warmer temperatures while you are away and vice versa for winter months.

Harbin Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. offers two smart thermostats:

Smart Home .jpg

The Honeywell Pro 8000

The Honeywell Pro 8000 Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat is an effortless, 7-Day programmable thermostat that provides universal system compatibility, precise comfort control and is easy-to-program.


  • Large, clear display with back-light shows the current and set temperature and time—even in the dark. • Menu-driven programming make setup effortless.

  • Beautiful ergonomic design is smart and sophisticated to match your customers’ lifestyle.

  • Touchscreen interaction • Real-time clock keeps time during power failures and automatically updates to daylight savings.

  • "Saving Changes" notification lets you know when the schedule changes have been saved.

  • Change/check reminders let you know when to service or replace filters or batteries.

  • Various Hold options allow you to override the program schedule, as desired.

  • Speedy same-schedule programming—no need to copy multiple days.

  • Armchair programming allows you to remove the thermostat from the wall for programming.

  • Programmable fan offers increased air quality when combined with a Honeywell whole-house air cleaner.

Ecobee WiFi Thermostat

The best thermostat to deliver room specific, award winning comfort. Homeowners save up to 23% annually on heating or cooling costs.


  • WORKS WITH ROOM SENSORS: Place them in the rooms that matter the most and have the temperature balanced throughout your whole home. Measuring both occupancy and temperature, sensors signal your ecobee Smart Thermostat to automatically switch to the right mode for comfort when you’re home or for savings when you’re not. 2-pack sold separately.

  • EASILY INSTALL YOURSELF: It only takes about 30 minutes, thanks to an easy to follow installation guide and an in-app step-by-step walk-through. Everything you need comes in the box, including a Power Extender Kit for homes with no common wire (C-wire)

  • CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE: Easily adjust your thermostat from wherever you are using your iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) or Android device. The ecobee mobile app is available in the App Store or on Google Play. Compatibility- Gas, oil, electric, dual fuel, Conventional (2H/2C), Heat Pump (4H/2C)

  • PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: ecobee3 lite works with your favorite smart home setups, including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and IFTTT.Power Source: AC. Contact Manufacture for any assistance - contact in user manual

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