Germicidal U.V. Light Technology can cure your Sickness

We have had a national record with flu virus cases this season. Most homes have been built tighter. They have house wrap on the decking of the house, better Insullation in the walls and attic. These are great ways to make the home energy efficient.  It also makes the home more dusty, and cannot escapethe germs out of the home.  

The Department of Energy (DOE) reports that most families stay in their home 60 percent more than ever before. More kids are staying inside to play video games and other inside activities.

Install a Germicidal Ultra violet light in your duct system will kill the mold, mildew, unseen bacterial,and many more flue germs, and viruses floating in the air.  The Germicidal Ultraviolet lights are simple to install, and work immediately killing the germs in your home. Some people never have sinus issues again, and someare greatly reduced.

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