5 Ways To Control Summer Allergies from The Harbin Heating and Air Conditioning

Efforts to control summer allergies begin at home. That’s because the inside of your own residence is where you’re most likely to get the most concentrated dose of airborne allergens. Some are outdoor microorganisms like mold spores and bacteria that infiltrate by the millions every time an exterior door is opened. Other allergens, such as dust, dust mites and pet dander, originate inside your home. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that your home may be 100 times more polluted with allergy-triggering airborne contaminants than the outdoors.

To effectively control summer allergies, remove outdoor allergens that find their way inside, and limit the sources of indoor allergens. Here are some ways to accomplish both:

Dust is composed mostly of human skin flakes, fibers from clothing, carpeting and drapes and tiny dirt particles. Keep dust out of the air by removing it with regular vacuuming, mopping and dust-wiping.
Kill dust mites by washing sheets, spreads and blankets once a week in water hotter than 130 degrees. Consider adding allergy-proof mattress covers to control dust mites, too.
Change your air conditioning filter regularly. A fresh filter cleanses the air of particulates. A dirty filter not only underperforms, but also becomes a breeding ground for living microorganisms that are trapped inside the filter media.
Consider installing a whole-house dehumidifier to treat all the air in your home. Maintaining interior humidity below 50 percent prevents the multiplication of microorganisms such as mold spores and dust mites. It also makes your air conditioner work more effectively.
Ask your HVAC contractor about a whole-house air purification system. Unlike portable room air cleaners, these units mount directly inside your ducts or air handler and remove over 99 percent of airborne particulates. Because your home’s entire air volume circulates through the ducts many times daily, a whole-house solution ensures total air filtration.
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