ROI With A Quality Air Conditioning Installation

With A Quality Air Conditioning Installation, You’ll Maximize ROI from The Harbin Heating and AirHome Comfort Blog

With A Quality Air Conditioning Installation, You’ll Maximize ROI
A quality air conditioning installation involves much more than selecting the right equipment and using an expert contractor. A quality air conditioning installation involves many steps, and if your contractor doesn’t follow them, your system won’t perform to your expectations.

These are key elements of a quality air conditioning installation:

Sizing: Sizing your system correctly is paramount to performance. A system that’s too large will cost you more to purchase, and it will cycle on and off too frequently, placing stress on the internal components and decreasing the system’s life span. To size the equipment, your contractor should use the industry-standard method, Manual J.
Ductwork: Leaky ducts will contribute to poor comfort and energy loss. Your contractor should evaluate your entire duct system, identify leaks and then address problematic areas by using mastic or aerosol-based sealant or metal tape to seal the ducts.
Refrigerant: Having the correct refrigerant charge is also vital to performance. An incorrect charge will increase the operating pressure on the compressor, reduce efficiency by up to 20 percent and lead to expensive repairs. Therefore, verifying the refrigerant charge should be part of a quality air conditioning installation.
Airflow: The final factor that will ensure a quality installation, airflow must be set to the correct level, corresponding to the capacity of the A/C and the size of your ductwork. Your contractor should test the airflow, making adjustments as necessary.
As further proof of how important a quality installation is, Energy Star estimates that when these four factors are optimized, a system can operate at nearly 100 percent capacity. But failing to take them into account can lower your system’s cooling capacity by more than 25 percent.

The next time you buy HVAC equipment, make sure your contractor installs it correctly. You’ll maximize your return on investment and ensure that your system will keep your home cool. For more expert advice, contact Harbin Heating and Air. We have served homeowners in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama, since 1988.

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