A/C Operating Tips For A/C Operating Tips For Miss, Alabama, and Tenn homeowners

High temperatures are common in The Tristates throughout the year. But given the searing heat and stifling humidity of summertime, many homeowners run their air conditioners practically all the time. This can lead to very high utility bills. You may wonder what you can do to take charge of your energy costs without sacrificing your comfort. And it is possible. By following a few simple A/C operating tips, you can save money and stay comfortable, even in the Tristate areas.

Tristate area A/C Operating Tips

First, you need to keep your air conditioner in top shape. You should have your contractor tune up your A/C at the start of the cooling season. You can do your part by:

Changing the filter regularly. Put a new one in as soon as the old one looks dirty.
Ensuring that the outdoor unit is free of grass, dirt, dead leaves and other debris that can hinder airflow.
Removing any clogs or obstructions in the base drain pan. Also take steps to prevent mold growth in the drain pan.
Keeping ducts, vents and registers free of obstructions
Sealing and insulating all exposed ducts and finding and fixing exterior air leaks
Boosting the insulation in your attic, which will keep the heat from radiating through your ceiling
Reduce home heat gain

You can take additional measures to keep the air in your home cool and prevent heat gain. This will serve to ease your air conditioner’s workload.

Use thick drapes or blinds over large windows to keep out the heat from the sun. Consider drapes with a white or reflective backing. Alternatively, consider interior shutters, such as plantation shutters.
Do not turn on the oven on very hot days; instead, use your microwave.
Keep your use of incandescent lights minimal. They produce heat. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs instead.
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