Atlas Ozone Boy Water Filtration System

How often do you stop and consider just how pure your water really is?  Our drinking water, specifically that from those community lines that run into most homes, is full of contaminants.  We guzzle it down, bathe in it, cook with it--but how well do we really know what is in our water?  Common agents of contamination found in everyday drinking water include, though are by no means limited to: silver, selenium, radium, chromium, copper, lead, perchlorate, cadmium, even arsenic.  This is why we always recommend having an excellent water filtration system in your home. 


Atlas Ozone Boy Self-Electric Powered water filtration systems are a top-notch way of ridding your household water of such nasty little agents.  Perfectly built for in-home use, the Ozone Boy is specifically designed to fit standard faucet sets in the United States of America, and across Europe as well.  They are easy to install and require no external power source--meaning no electric cords or batteries with which to deal.  It is lightweight (just a smidge over half a pound for a complete setup), but that is not a measurement of its ability. 

These ozone-generating sanitizers are capable of scrubbing out 90% of bacteria and viruses.   The water comes out clean, and the ozone helps clear the air.  Ozone gas will attack and destroy foul scents in the air, and the ozonated, clean water will do the same for anything you wash in it.  This is perfect for bathing--not only will it eliminate bad smells (even during a pet’s bath), but also the pure, clean water will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple. 

The water purification tool is also ideal for kitchen applications.  Using the Ozone Boy on fruits and vegetables can help to eliminate any food odors that may be coming off of them.  It is incredibly useful for dealing with and cleaning up particularly pungent messes, be they as pleasant as a spilled mass of coffee or as heinous as a bit of fish that has started to carry a scent. 

If you are considering a water filtration system to install in your home, you really cannot go wrong with the Atlas Ozone Boy through Harbin Heating & Air Conditioning.  Our rates are incredibly low, especially given the value of the product (and a good bit cheaper than they can be found elsewhere on the internet).  You can save your pocketbook and your health by picking up an Atlas Ozone Boy Premium Water Sanitation System from Harbin today!

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