Don’t “Fall” For a Higher Utility Bill

Autumn is a perfect time to discover and rectify any issues that you may have with your home, most specifically with regards to your heating and cooling bills.  The days get more crisp; the wind gets more brisk.  The biting cold of the winter months has not set in yet, but the oppressive heat of summer is backing off like a wounded cur.  We’ve discussed before about how fall and spring are the most important seasons for scheduling basic maintenance and tune-ups for your heating and air conditioning systems.  Today, let’s look at a few other tips for keeping those expenditures down the the nights and the days turn ever colder. 

Here Comes the Fall.jpg


Seal It Up -- First and foremost on the list, you are going to want to make sure that your home is sealed up tight in all of the important areas, such as around windows and doors, or even fireplaces and attics.  Anywhere that air can find its way into/out of your home is an area that needs to be considered and addressed.  A draft in one of those places can cause a serious temperature change in your home (or, more important than that, it can prevent the temperature change that you are wanting to take place).  Make certain that all of the little cracks and crevices around all the entrances into your home are properly sealed up tight, and you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run!


Use Nature’s Heat Sources-- A cheap and easy way to ensure a warmer home: get plenty of sunlight into it.  Keep your window curtains and blinds open during the day--especially those that are sun-facing--to let in that warmth, and then keep them closed off at night to prevent your heat from escaping.  Another wonderfully natural source of warmth you may wish to tap into is your own body heat.  I know it sounds like advice a parent would give, but bundle up!  Blankets and clothing layers are profoundly useful tools in the battle to best the cold.  


Program Your System -- There are many and many more types of HVAC systems available, but far and away the best ones for maintaining energy efficiency are the fully automated and programmable units.  Contact one of Harbin Heating & Air’s stellar employees today and we will happily see to setting you up with one of these high-quality air conditioners.  By maintaining a set temperature throughout the day, these units prevent customers from having to deal with a constantly running energy-drain that many HVAC systems can be (and many can be programmed to adjust their thermostat regularly, so that it alters right along with the change in the outside temperatures).


Contact Harbin Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule your autumn maintenance check or tune up today, and while you are on the phone, ask about our 60-month/zero-interest specials, available on qualifying, high efficiency systems.  Our excellent team is standing by, ready to help you select, install, or maintain the best possible heating and air conditioning unit.  If you have any questions, or have any interest in our products and services, please do not hesitate to give us a call or come by and visit today!  Our office is located at 5910 Tennessee 57 in Counce, TN, and you can reach us by calling 731-689-3651 or via our website,