Beat the Heat with a Dehumidifier

Step outside on a scorching summer day in the South and you’ll notice something particular about the lower states.  As we are all fond of saying, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!”  Sure, it may be over a hundred degrees in California, but they don’t have it as bad as we do!  Down here, the air outside isn’t just hot, it’s heavy.  It’s thick.  It’s miserable at times. 

harbin dehum.jpg

Humidity is like a natural weapon against us at times.  Humid atmospheres make it difficult to sweat off properly, so it’s harder on our bodies to fight the heat.  It can lead to unwanted condensation and, with that left unnoticed or unchecked, foster mold.  It can exacerbate health problems. 

Oh, but oh, how great that we live in an age of technological marvels.  The idea of dehumidification came about due to the inventor of the modern air conditioner, Willas Carrier.  In 1906, Carrier patented the first humidifying/dehumidifying machine.  His creation revolutionized the modern American household. 

Today, you can purchase a full-house dehumidifying system that can filter out in excess of 60 pints of moisture every day from the air inside your home.  We have systems that are quiet, low maintenance, and energy efficient--quite a long way from the large, noisy systems of a decade ago and technological lightyears from that first patent Willas Carrier came up with to cool a small bowl of water. 

It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the last century.  They say that the amount of human knowledge is expanding at a rate faster than it ever has in history.  Maybe in a few years we’ll have systems the size of an ink pen that cool entire buildings, but for now--consider investing in a full dehumidification system.  They are small, affordable, and can increase your quality of life immeasurably.  If you’re being worn down by that ol’ Southern humidity, our expert team can help you. 

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