More on Samsung Mini Splits

This week, we are featuring Samsung’s Residential Mini-Split Systems.  These are a great way to provide your home with an energy-efficient cooling system that doesn’t completely bust your wallet!  While a central air conditioning unit can require loads of ductwork to be added to your home--which can be exorbitantly expensive--these mini-splits are a completely duct free system. 


Mini-split A/C systems have several advantageous qualities.  They are simpler in design than traditional set-ups and easier to upkeep and clean.  They offer an extra layer of control by focusing each segment on a smaller, targeted area.  They are quieter than your standard A/C unit, and take up less space.

Mini-splits can also save you money!  They are cheaper to install than a full system, and cheaper to use than a window unit.  By eliminating the ductwork and minimizing the space through which treated air is running, mini-splits help to cut down tremendously on energy costs.

Samsung’s Residential Mini-Split is the perfect answer for anyone who’s looking to add some extra temperature control to their house.  With its wi-fi system and app-supported set up, you can control your temperature settings before you even get back to the house. If you have recently added on rooms, have small spaces that need a little extra help, or just want to have more control over your own space, look no further than a Samsung Residential Mini-Split.

Check out the Samsung Residential AC Homeowner’s Guide for Mini-Splits here.

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