Four Reasons to Get an HVAC Tune-Up this Spring

Here are four benefits to having your AC unit tuned up for the Spring.

1)  Lower Energy Bills – Just because you haven't noticed an apparent problem doesn't mean your unit can't benefit from a tune-up. Over time, a system that isn't being maintained will lose efficiency and it will require more energy to keep your home comfortable. Servicing the unit once a year will keep it at peak efficiency and help keep energy costs down.


2)  Longer Unit Lifespan – Improper maintenance is a leading cause of failure for an air conditioning unit because many issues begin with small problems like dirt, rust, or broken parts. An annual inspection and cleaning can help prevent or resolve these issues before they lead to unit failure and costly replacement.

3)  Lower Breakdown Risk – Without annual maintenance, your air conditioner may develop frozen lines, leaks or damaged wires, which can lead to expensive repairs later. Or worse, the unit could have a catastrophic failure, especially when overtaxed during scorching summer heat. Conducting regular inspections and servicing can prevent the discomfort of a breakdown during sweltering weather.

4)  Flexible Scheduling – Schedule your maintenance visit in the spring while companies have more availability. Once the mercury rises, HVAC technicians get an onslaught of calls. Don't risk having an AC disruption that will leave you sweating when temperatures rise.

For more information about a Spring tune-ups, call us today!

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