Freezing Temperatures and your HVAC


This winter has been a little colder than usual. We are just trying to get through it and hope our HVAC system will do the same. Most systems are designed to “weather” the “weather”. But there are times in colder conditions that special maintenance is necessary to keep everything running smoothly.

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If your home uses a heat pump, icy conditions can cause the heat pump to freeze over. A thin layer of frost is considered normal, however, if your heat pump is covered in ice inside and out, immediate action is needed to protect the equipment. Most heat pumps have a defrost cycle, but thick layers of ice will prevent it from removing the frost. This problem should be addressed with a service call to Harbin Heating and Air Conditioning.

In the event of snow or ice on your air conditioning condenser, you can protect it with a specially-designed vented cover or a piece of plywood weighted down with bricks. NEVER cover the condenser with a tarp. It could lead to condensation, which will damage the equipment.

If a furnace is what heats your home, this unit is mostly indoors and not as susceptible to winter weather elements. However, they do have a condensate drain line that can possibly freeze. If that happens, the furnace will not function until the line has been thawed. This is also something best left to your HVAC professional.

Keep the heat going strong on these cold winter days and if there’s a problem, don’t hesitate to call Harbin Heating and Air serving Corinth MS, Counce TN and Alabama.

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