Why Should I Add Attic INSULATION?


If you live in the south you know all about the hot summers and somewhat cold winters. Insulation is a filter to slow the heat or cold air down. This predicts how excessive your utility is. Most all energy rater in the country recommends from 6-14” minimum. This will range from R-19- R38. The R factor is a term which is the thickness and the rate of air leakage. Our team is paramount at installing your insulation to make your home energy efficient. We can also add to your existing attic. We can take a R-12 attic to a R-38 attic and save $ hundreds. If you are in the TVA area there are rebates available. 

TVA Rebates

Attic insulation - $200.00
Seal Ductwork - $200.00 per system
Replace Duct Work - $200.00 per system
Install a new energy star efficient heat pump - $250.00 per system

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