Energy Saving Tips!

"One of the issues that many of us are constantly concerned with today are ways to lower our monthly utility bills especially the cost of our air conditioning during warm weather. Our comfort is extremely important to us, but it seems highly improbable that we could actually stay cooler during the hot weather months without breaking the bank in the process. With record setting heat waves becoming more common every summer, even cheapskates aren’t left with much of choice where cranking up the air conditioning is concerned.

Cutting Utility Bill Costs Without Suffering In The Process

When you do need to run your air conditioning more frequently to keep the house cooler, the following tips could help you reduce those inflated A/C costs on your monthly utility bills while not sacrificing any comfort in the process:

  • If your A/C unit is an older model, replace it - older A/C units should be replaced with newer, energy-efficient models. These are labeled with an Energy Star rating and will consume up to 50% less energy compared to those models that were manufactured during the 1990’s. Despite the size of the initial investment involved with replacing an older unit, the cost can easily be recouped as a result of the savings that are realized during your first year of utility bills."


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