Are Pleated Filters as Efficient as Non Pleated Filters?


The pleated filters that you see at your home centers or big box stores sounds like the filter that everyone thinks is the best filter. They see the sticker that reads 90 day filter. Most homes cannot wait 90 days to get changed. Many homes ductwork will not accept the pleated filters. Bacically the pleat is very thick and cannot breath after the first 15 to 30 days.The department of energy recommends to use the non pleated filters. They cause the indoor fan motor use more energy. That is harder on the indoor blower motor and the compressor.

Sense the compressor is the heart of the system it is very critical to the system. When the duct work is designed properly you can use a 4" air cleaner that fits in a air cleaner. This is efficient to the system. Talk to your heating and cooling professional about what filter works best for your home. Fore more information visit our website at


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