HVAC Provides Home Protection

When people think of HVAC, many focus on the comfort of cool air and overlook the valuable protection that heating and ventilation can offer. HVAC cooling systems do their part to ensure your protection by stabilizing the air conditions within your home. Valuable possessions that can become damaged by poor indoor climate are protected by your HVAC system.

By installing a high quality heating and cooling system, you can ensure that the condition of your home is prioritized. With an Harbin HVAC system, you will be adding your own level of insurance because your possessions will be protected from the horrors of a poor climate. You can pair a HVAC system with a whole house humidifier or any other indoor air quality product to further protect your property including your electronics, upholstery, wood, art, and instruments. 

Electronics - Over time, moisture levels can cause damage to electronics. High humidity can cause moisture to collect in the electronic components which will lead to corrosion. Even low moisture levels can cause problems because static electricity can build up and lead to short circuits. High temperatures can also damage plasma TVs and computers by overheating them. 

Custom Upholstery - Custom upholstery needs to be treated with care. Without proper ventilation, your expensive furniture can be damaged. Also, when extreme temperatures, the material your upholstery is made out of will be damaged. Leather and wood both struggle in warm temperatures. If your HVAC problems aren’t fixed, your upholstery can develop cracks leather spots.

Wood - If you have any wooden furniture, moisture can build up and rot the wood from within. As wood gains and loses moisture over a period of months and years, it goes through a process of contraction and expansion until eventually the damage is beyond repair. Not only will cracks and splits appear, there could also be warping and bowing within the wood. Of course, this becomes a nightmare if you have wooden floorboards because they will start to gap. 

As well as floorboards, this can ruin furniture, cabinets, wooden beams, doors, decking, building materials, and more. What’s even worse, the long-term upshot of this can be mold which will spread quickly and destroy the core structure of a home if left untreated or even unnoticed. 

Art - When you have an HVAC system installed, you will also protect canvases and other pieces of art from fluctuating humidity levels. Additionally, linen, parchment, paper, and others will be affected. When the air is particularly dry, these materials will start to crack and even shrink. When there is excess moisture, the materials will go damp and could grow mold. When you keep artwork, it should be kept in a stable environment.

Instruments - Finally, humidity changes will also have an impact on the tune of a piano and the wood of a guitar. If dry, even woodwind instruments can crack and grow mold. 

As you can see, HVAC systems can be essential for any home and you should look to make the first step today if you want to keep your valuable possessions protected!


If you have any questions about the protection a HVAC system provides please email me at kevin@harbinair.com. I hope everyone has a great Winter season.

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