Samsung Mini Split

The Triangle Design that Changes Airflow

Exclusive design and engineering delivers powerful cooling performance, cleaner air, and with SEER ratings up to 28.1.

A System that works smarter to save energy

The inverter system can maintain the desired set temperature without frequently shutting off and on, which allows up to 70% less energy consumption.

Triple protection for reliable performance

Samsung's integrated protection offers durability and reliability for your Pearl or Whisper. Its trifecta of protection features: Compressor Protector, Controller Protector, and Fin Protector allows you to enjoy your system for a long time.

  1. Compressor Protector

    Samsung’s distinctive Compressor Protector prevents the compressor from being overloaded by unstable electricity circumstances.

  2. Controller Protector

    Samsung’s advanced controller adjusts to avoid breakdowns from electrical surges. This special feature withstands power fluctuations from 80V to 450V.

  3. Fin & Chassis Protector

    The Pearl and Whisper condenser coil fins are coated with an anti-corrosive material to protect aluminum fins from corrosion, allowing you to enjoy your a/c system for a longer period of time.



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