Don't Take Your AC for Granted

It is easy to take the wonder of modern air conditioning for granted.  After decades of readily available cooling systems, most Americans cannot even comprehend of a day when the A/C was not a part of their day to day lives.  Through our homes, our offices, restaurants and theatres, our cars and our workshops flows artificially cooled air--a feat that would have seemed miraculous even 100 years ago. 

How to Change Your Indoor Air Filter

In line with our Spring Cleaning HVAC advice, here is how you change your indoor air filter:

  1. Check the coil “condensate” drain: This drain, which is usually plastic, is located on the indoor air handler and is used to remove the moisture collected from the humid air in your home while the air conditioner is running. Since the coil’s temperature is lower than the ambient air, water from the air will condense on the coil and drip into the tray below. This condensed water needs to flow to a drain or the tray will fill up and flood the unit or potentially spill water out below your indoor unit and into your home which could cause a costly mess in a finished area.