Air Conditioner Tune-Up!

The hottest part of the summer is almost upon us, and don’t we all hope our air conditioners are in tip top shape?  I imagine that if you are reading this blog instead of frantically calling Harbin for a service visit, your personal comfort level is just fine at the moment.  You, obviously do not need to worry.  You have confidence that your system is running perfectly and will continue to do so as long as it is required.  Or is it?

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy--which literally means “energy from the heat of the earth”--has been a staple of society for centuries.  Some archaeological studies suggest that Native American tribes utilized hot springs and pools for bathing, cooking, and heating going back thousands of years.  From the bathhouses of ancient Rome to the medicinal thermal springs of 5th century China, geothermal has been a major source of energy throughout the world.  Beneath the ground, roughly 10 meters down, temperature variations of the season cease to be a concern--so geothermal heat pumps can be used pretty much everywhere. 

Beat the Heat with a Dehumidifier

Step outside on a scorching summer day in the South and you’ll notice something particular about the lower states.  As we are all fond of saying, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!”  Sure, it may be over a hundred degrees in California, but they don’t have it as bad as we do!  Down here, the air outside isn’t just hot, it’s heavy.  It’s thick.  It’s miserable at times. 

What do I do when my ac is frozen up?

These tips will help you if you find yourself in this problem. If your filter isn’t changed properly then the indoor coil can freeze up. In some cases the coils has to be removed. At Harbin Heating and Air Conditioning we will inspect the system and make sure the coil is super clean to avoid this problem. Call our team to if you have an issue with your ac system. We service customers in Corinth Mississippi , Iuka, Mississippi, Savannah Tennessee , Counce Tennessee, Cherokee Alabama and place in between. Click on our service area page to find a list of all of our service areas.

More on Samsung Mini Splits

This week, we are featuring Samsung’s Residential Mini-Split Systems.  These are a great way to provide your home with an energy-efficient cooling system that doesn’t completely bust your wallet!  While a central air conditioning unit can require loads of ductwork to be added to your home--which can be exorbitantly expensive--these mini-splits are a completely duct free system.