Don’t Let Rain Affect your HVAC

If you have a traditional forced-air HVAC system, it has both indoor and outdoor components: the air handler/evaporator/furnace that’s located inside, and the compressor/condenser unit that’s situated outside. Half of your system is well-protected from the elements, but since the other half sits fully exposed all year long, you might wonder how rain affects your HVAC unit.

Reasons to Love Your HVAC

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to show those you love how much you truly care for and appreciate them, so it only makes sense to do the same for your HVAC system! After all, if you care for your HVAC system it will return the favor by running smoothly and that’s something you’ll always appreciate! The best way to love and care for your HVAC system this Valentine’s Day is through regular maintenance and professional HVAC service.

How to Choose a Filter

Selecting the right furnace filter for your heating and cooling system is crucial when it comes to producing and sustaining a healthy, clean and pure home environment. For those who don’t know, or just need a reminder, furnace filters remove dust, dirt, pollen, allergens, bacteria and other air pollutants from your home’s air – enhancing indoor air quality for you and your family. Just selecting the correct filter is not enough to guarantee safe air. You must also make sure you are following the guidelines and conditions based on your manufacture’s manual. This will ensure your system runs efficiently and effectively.Below are the most important factors to consider when selecting an air filter for your home:

Freezing Temperatures and your HVAC


This winter has been a little colder than usual. We are just trying to get through it and hope our HVAC system will do the same. Most systems are designed to “weather” the “weather”. But there are times in colder conditions that special maintenance is necessary to keep everything running smoothly.